How does it work affiliate

How does it work?

Affiliates and advertisers are welcome to join ClickTR for free.
ClickTR meets advertisers with affiliates who share their campaigns on their website and app.
Affiliates who share links to products and campaigns on digital platforms and also in their social media accounts
immediately start earning.
Advertisers can also instantly keep track of the performance of their campaigns and calculate their net advertising
costs through shares converting to sales.


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Start a free membership.

Discover the ones you would like to share out of hundreds of products and campaigns in several categories.

Copy and share the link of the campaign you chose!

Do not forget, you do not have any upper limit to share in ClickTR! You can share as much as you want.


You must initially create a membership request.

After creating your request, our team will contact you and complete your integration on the system.

Once your integration is complete, you can start building your campaigns through ClickTR.

You can post as many campaigns as you want.

You can keep track of the performance of your campaigns instantly, you pay through the conversions. Thus, you can utilize your advertising budget in the most effective way.

How does it work 3

Let us know if you have any questions, we are happy to help!

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